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LeCoultre Futurematic ID, repair and value

Posted: Tue Jan 16, 2018 12:24 pm
by mmudd
I have my grandfathers Futurematic and it keeps time wonderfully and is in overall great shape. I've looked through hundreds of pictures and have yet to find one that matches it exactly. It's in 10k and has the red criss cross design in the power reserve. It is a gold face and has 5 min markings but not a mark for each minute. I'd like to get it positively identified.

Although it runs great the hands (time) cannot be set using the slide on back (in either position) so it needs to be wound when it's showing the correct time. I'd like to get it fixed.

Can anyone positively I.D. it?
Recommend a repair shop?
Give any kind of reasonable valuation?